Kids can do anything. So why can't their snacks?

As parents, we want to help our kids keep on going, growing and imagining by feeding them wholesome and nutritious foods.

Thats why we created IMAG!NE.

Lip-smackingly delicious, organic snacks made from real foods you love. Especially for kids. Good sources of nutrition. Free from artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Theyre easy, wholesome, yummy snacks that your kids will be excited to eat—and that you can feel great about!

We started by putting real yogurt in a crunchy crisp for a good source of calcium without the spoon or refrigerator! First tossing the sweet-tart taste of berries into the mix, then exploring the fresh-baked flavor of real apples and cinnamon.

The result?

Proof that organic, nutritious foods can be totally scrumptious and convenient. And it gets even better, because we believe the most amazing snacks are still waiting to be created. So were going to keep on experimenting, exploring and dreaming up deliciously wholesome food for the people who inspire us most—kids!