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Sky’s the Limit Wall String Art

Help your kids create unique, dimensional art out of string.


Get creative indoors or in the backyard with this easy wall art craft-ivity. Choose your own color, string and pattern to make it your own. Sky’s the limit! Remember: parental assistance required with use of sharp objects. Safety first!

What you’ll need

  • Foam core or cork tile
  • Small nails, thumbtacks or pins Various colored cotton string or yarn 


  1. Use the template provided or draw a simple cloud or star shape on a blank sheet of paper 
  2. Place your paper over the foam core or cork tile, and after poking holes in the dotted shape outline with a nail or pin, remove the template
  3. Securely place the nails or pins into each hole you just made
  4. Pick a spot to start with the string and tie a knot on the nail
  5. With the string, go across the shape and wrap the string around another nail
  6. Continue stringing from nail to nail until you begin to see your shape take form 

*Fun tip: Change up the colors of the string to add depth and color to your art! 

download Template